The Third Eye

We would like to notify all B.Ed and MTL students that we have contacted Minister Evarist Bartolo in attempt to set a meeting and discuss together the way forward on the matter that arose throughout these 2 days.

The issue is that ALL students at the University of Malta were sent out an e-mail reading as follows;

"The Education Department has at present a number of vacancies to cover lessons in Accounts, Chemistry, Biology, Integrated Science, ICT and Computer Studies in middle and secondary schools.

Any interested students who would like to work part-time for a number of hours are kindly asked to send an email to and indicating their availability."

Considering the fact that B.Ed and MTL students spend years studying to become Professional Teachers, we find this to be disrespectful towards these same students.

Following consultation with a number of directly affected students, we have contacted directly the Education Minister, Hon Evarist Bartolo to set a meeting with these students as soon as possible.