The Third Eye

This morning, an official note posted on S-Cubed’s Facebook page announced that Vice-President Maria Falzon has submitted her resignation letter, addressed to the President of the organisation, Luke Borg Barthet.

In her resignation letter, which was made public by S-Cubed, Falzon explained that in recent times she was wrongly accused of not fulfilling her role within S-Cubed’s Executive Board. Falzon also mentioned that she resigned also due to the fact that “certain individuals within the organisation have not made her feel welcome”.

One should bear in mind that this the second term for Maria Falzon, having occupied the role of Social Policy Commissioner last year, when Dean Grech was the President of S-Cubed.

“I am truly sorry to see Maria leave S-Cubed, she has contributed a lot to the organisation,” pointed out S-Cubed’s President, Luke Borg Barthet when contacted by The Third Eye. “Being kept in the loop I know that even though the individual strived to resolve the situation, there were no further improvements, which left Maria with no other choice, but to give up her post. On a personal note, I personally feel that Maria should not have let personal matters interfere with her work in S-Cubed.”

When asked whether he is expecting any other resignations in the coming days, Barthet replied that he does not know of any other potential resignations and that S-Cubed will continue to work hard throughout the term, to reach new heights. Asked whether S-Cubed shall be holding an Extraordinary General Meeting, Barthet revealed that they haven’t yet discussed that, however he disclosed that S-Cubed shall be introducing a new member in the coming days.

Maria Falzon's Statement

As a point of fact I would like to counter the picture that S-Cubed are trying to portray. The actions of the individual/s concerned amount to institutionalised bullying which did not offer the right atmosphere to continue working in for the good of the organisation.