The Third Eye

Following the vandalistic acts committed earlier today on the ELSA Malta Freshers stand at the KSU Freshers’ Week, ELSA Malta has just issued a press release so as to clarify its position upon the matter. ELSA makes it clear that this is the only statement which ELSA Malta and its representatives will issue upon the matter and any statement hereon by any other source will not be endorsed by ELSA Malta.

ELSA Malta affirms that it condemns such acts as they go against the very spirit of student activism. The law organisation goes on to emphasise that one must not undermine the countless hours, effort and financial sacrifices that goes into setting up such a stand. ELSA Malta states that it has proof at hand that such acts were committed between 15:00 and 15:40 and further asks anyone with any information to contact us on or Facebook page or on 79623494.

ELSA Malta reserves and will make use of the right to take further action upon the matter. More so, the organisation would like to thank all the other student organisations who have condemned this issue and who have offered their help throughout this situation.