The Third Eye

Last week saw the commencement of a fresh academic year at the University of Malta. However, while it is a new chapter with new students and new experiences, the same old problem seems to linger year after year.

One of the biggest headaches for University students is definitely the issue of parking. On a daily basis, one can observe numerous cars roaming forever in the different parking areas within the University premises, searching helplessly for blue parking spaces.

The Third Eye team has compiled a list of eight stages that University students are familiar with when trying to park at University:

1)   Stalking a random student walking out of University and asking them whether they are getting out of a parking space

“Le ta’, sorry, kemm inġib basket mill-karozza”

2)   The moment you think you’ve found an empty parking slot

Until you realise that there’s a Toyota IQ occupying it

3)   Realising that you’ve lost a parking space for a split-second

4)   Picking up random strangers and driving them to their car in order to make sure you will be the one to get their parking

5) Knowing that your lecture is 20 minutes in and you’re still circling Car Park 6, hunting for a parking space

6)   Realising you’ve wasted half a tank of petrol solely at University whilst looking for parking

7)   The 'ala żobbi, tlaqt id-dar' moment

8)   Leaving University after a day of lectures, only to find your vehicle clamped