The Third Eye

Following weeks of uncertainty about the future of the historic KSU executive table, it will now be saved and given a new life.

The table, put up for sale a couple of weeks ago, garnered some interest but no offers, putting its future in uncertainty. However, during the last few days, the committee of a local Juventus supporters club showed interest following another NGOs failure to pick it up. Now, the former KSU table is set up in the Juventus Club Malta Cuore Bianconero of Marsa, who intend to restore it and make it part of their new boardroom and use it for their committee meetings.

The interesting part? History will meet history as the table that lived decades of important decisions at the University of Malta will now be part of the club that made history: the Cuore Bianconero club is the biggest foreign Juventus supporters' club for the second year running.