The Third Eye

Yesterday MHSA received written confirmation from the Director of Human Resources, People Management and Development of the Ministry of Health Mr. Joseph Barbieri announcing that students will be receiving their full payment for all the placement hours conducted during the summertime, including those hours carried out in June.

The decision was finalized through MHSA liaising with Mr. Barbieri, emphasizing the fact that it was not right for the students in question to be overlooked and not be compensated financially for the valuable amount of time dedicated to carrying out the lengthy placement hours. Payment for compulsory placement hours conducted by FHS students will be processed in time for payroll number 11, due on November 4th, 2017, excluding additional placement hours.

Currently there is also work in progress in order to ensure that this kind of issue does not arise again as it unfortunately has in the past, with MHSA stressing that FHS students cannot possibly deal with this ordeal on an annual basis.

MHSA would like to thank all the concerned parties involved, who were a part of this final decision, and would also like to thank our students for their patience during this time period.

Such matters serve as a reminder that MHSA will always do its utmost to help its students in such arising matters, and will continue to serve its role as the voice of FHS students.