The Third Eye

A letter sent by Transport Malta to those who are currently learning how to drive in order to obtain a driver's license has been circulating on Social Media. In this letter, Transport Malta advises learners not to drive on main roads during rush hours so as to control traffic between 7:00-9:00 and 15:30-18:00. 

Whilst some people seem to agree with this solution, others, especially those who are learning or else instructing, seem to be disappointed at the proposed solution to traffic problems during rush hours. Those angered at the news seem to believe that it is unfair that they pay money for driving lessons and end up getting parking practise only instead of actual experience on the main roads; the same roads they will have to pass through in order to pass the test. 

Others are also of the opinion that the same solution should also include the truck drivers whose vehicles are fully loaded and also slow down traffic. University student, Michael Piccinino also commented on the matter stating that "new drivers will never have driven in arterial roads during rush hour before getting their licence. This will cause more problems once they get their licence and drive in these roads during these times for the first time. Furthermore since it is basically impossible for drivers taking their test not to be passed from these roads, it will cause additional problems for those taking their tests." 

Moreover, one might also wonder whether this means that Transport Malta Driving Tests will also be postponed during rush hours because the ones taking the test are also supposedly 'green' on the roads and can consequently slow down traffic flow.