The Third Eye

The European Law Students Association’s event on Wednesday 2nd August definitely put the students’ mind at ease with getting to know more about what the law course entails. This fun and informative event included  a casual meeting and interactive games to break the ice whilst having a drink or two.

The event was set at the beautiful Cavalieri Art Hotel which made the experience feel very formal. The event started off with welcome drinks hosted by the National Board of Elsa Malta. Students got tips and tricks on how to survive the law course and also got a taste of what the University life feels like.

The event moved on to a meeting where several people from the board spoke about the law course, explaining briefly how it is divided.  Sasha Muscat, Matthias Grech, Luisa Briffa, Gigi Gatt and Nicole Portelli, together with other executive members, shared their experiences about their studies of the law course. The President of the organisation, Daniel Vella, spoke very highly of what ELSA is and the academic and social events they host, both locally and internationally, such as ‘Elsa goes to’, ‘Crime 101’ and the Waterfight with SACES.

The event ended up with an ice breaker game where the students were split into groups of three and had to answer a quiz about ELSA and other embarrassing memories that the Board members had experienced during their events. This was a great way for the students to meet their potential new course mates and make new friendships while getting to know each other in a relaxed environment.