The Third Eye

On Monday 17th July, GħSL organised a Freshers’ meeting for all those interested in studying Law at the University of Malta. In fact, this meeting was quite a hit with the prospective Law students as GħSL managed to fill the entire area of Common Room.

Daniele Gafa, the President of the organisation, introduced the event by welcoming those present and by giving a brief overview of the Law course. Following Gafa’s words, Agnes Vella and Celine Cuschieri Debono continued by explaining who GħSL are and the UoM Campus Map. Agnes went into detail to further explain the Undergraduate Course and also some few details about the Masters Course and the Warrant Exam, including the “Moot Courts”.

Celine mentioned some University jargon which is new to freshers. These included  words like “Study Unit”, “Elective” and “Credit”.  A significant number of students present asked some questions prior to these remarks. This year students have a choice from a varied amount of electives such as Family Violence Law, Mental Health Law and ICT Law. When choosing the right elective, one has to keep in mind that every elective has a different lecture time, different study semester (semester  1, semester 2 or both) and also a different assessment type i.e.  either an examination, a seminar paper or an assignment.

Agnes continued to explain that every Study unit and Elective has their own credits. Every scholastic year has 60 ECTS allocated to it where 1 credit represents 25 hours. 5 to 7 hours of these hours are direct teaching.

This short meeting was definitely helpful for prospective Law students and also those interested so that they would get an insight of what the course has to offer.