The Third Eye

Relikc’s roots date back to when the members were still in school in their early teens. Having performed together in various permutations of bands and line-ups, the founding members eventually gravitated towards each other in 2007.

Relikc will be releasing its debut album, "The Code of Antics" tomorrow, the 21st of July 2017. To celebrate the launch, the members of Relikc are organising a live music event, showcasing the album before launching its distribution, at the beautiful Madliena Lodge Lounge and Restaurant, in Madliena. During the event the band will play the entire album back to back, as well as some other songs by their favourite bands and influences. 

"Strut (Papa's Got The Cash)" is Relikc's first single off the album "The Code of Antics". Alongside the single, Relikc also released a music video, produced by Maka Visuals. The video, which is fully animated, features an adorable corgi as he woos his crush and goes through great lengths to do so. To launch their debut album, Relikc launched a mini series with 7 episodes where they spoke about their journey and the process of writing and recording their album.

You can support Relikc's talent by viewing 'Relikc - Strut (Papa's Got The Cash)' Official Music Video: