The Third Eye

Following S-Cubed's recent planning weekend, the Third Eye team spoke to S-Cubed's President, Luke Borg Barthet about the organisation's plans for the near future, particularly for these summer holidays and Freshers' Week 2017. 

What events is S-Cubed organizing for the summer holidays?

We have various events coming up this summer, ranging from educational ones to those for leisure. One of our biggest leisure events coming up is our annual boat party Shipwrecked, making its return after last year’s unfortunate cancellation. We will be holding a B. Sc. Day for prospective science students to introduce them to the courses of our faculty. Another big event is our four day trip to Prague, to be held in mid-September. Other planned events also include the Perseid Meteor Shower and Try Dive.

What are you planning for the upcoming Freshers’ Week 2017?

Our aim for Freshers’ Week 2017 is to welcome the new students and encourage them to involve themselves with us. Apart from our stand, we also organise tours around our faculty as well as give a short presentation during the welcoming meeting which we’re invited to by the faculty.

Which category of students are you willing to attract and why should such students join your team?

We want to attract all students. A year ago we made the change that instead of a subcommittee for each office, we have one big subcommittee who could help out in whatever they feel most interested and comfortable in. This year getting a subcommittee will definitely be a big focus for us, and we’d like to show that we’d really like all students to join us and be part of this experience.

What do you strive to achieve in the coming months as an organisation?

For the coming months, one of our biggest aims is to make students more aware of our courses, as not all students are aware of the possible B. Sc. Courses that can be taken or what they really lead to. Our hashtag this year is #StriveForInnovation, which we came up with from the fact that we’d also like to introduce many new innovative ideas for students and also the general public involving science and advancing research.

Do you have any different, original plans to what previous execs have executed?

We have many new events in the pipeline which are to be introduced this year. A big idea that we’ll be working is to hold a science fair, which would definitely be one of our biggest highlights. We also have a Careers Week planned for during the next scholastic year where we’ll be inviting companies to visit University and allow science students to meet them and become more aware of their possible employ.ers We also have many science related projects planned with NSTS, such as the possibility of holding a MILSET conference as well as other ideas such a science photo competition. We are also aiming to continue expanding S-Cubed to reach more students.. so stay tuned!

Whether you are a Fresher or a University student, make sure to keep an eye on S-Cubed's Facebook Page for more information about their events.The Third Eye team would like to thank S-Cubed for their response whilst wishing them a successful summer.