The Third Eye

Following ELSA's National Council Meeting last Wednesday 3rd May, whereby Daniel Vella succeeded Bernice Saliba as President, ELSA Malta just issued a Press Release confirming that the National Board for the coming term is now constituted. 

After the annual meeting as per statutory requirements, the newly appointed Executive team had their first meeting in which the following directors were approved; 

  • Nina Fauser as Director for the International Focus Programme and Human Rights
  • Chris Grech as Director for Academic Affairs
  • Jack Delicata as Director for Seminars and Conferences
  • Sasha Muscat as Director for Public Relations
  • Jake Camilleri as Director for Social Policy and Legal Publications
  • Matthias Grech as Director for Project Management

The Third Eye team would like to congratulate the approved directors whilst wishing them, and the rest of the team for 2017/2018, a successful year.