The Third Eye

MHSA's AGM took place at the South Auditorium at the Faculty of Health Sciences on the 28th April and was chaired by ex president Tina Miggiani.

We  contacted Kaitlyn Bryne for some comments regarding her position and plans for the team's next term. Here's what we discussed.

How do you feel after being elected as president?

"I am truly humbled and honored the board has entrusted me with such a position. I recognize that it won't be a simple task given that the Faculty of Health Science is the second largest in university, but I am positive that it will be a great year. I have an excellent team working with me, and I couldn't ask for anyone better to be my right hand as Secretary General"

What do you look forward to changing as president?

"Rather than changing things within the organisation I would prefer to build on the principles ex-president Martina Darmanin harbored i.e. teamwork and team bonding. It is safe to say that most of the people in the new executive are new to each other, come from different courses, walks of life and capabilities. So rather than focusing on what MHSA can make them do, I would like to use their individual qualities to push MHSA to new heights. I am lucky to have an energetic and dynamic team, so I can definately see great things happening this year."

What are your plans for the next term?

"The new Executive board is currently discussing the coming year. We have plenty of great ideas and I won't be giving any spoilers. But I can say that our new Secretary General, Naomi Attard, our new PRO, Joseph Xuereb and myself will be launching new branding guidelines. We will continue on the excellent work previous Internal Officer , Laura Coppini, done on the news letter by giving it a new look. The April newsletter was launched by the new executive board using our vision for it. All officers are working extensively to make the new term as interesting and innovative as possible. There are some other changes on the pipelines, but it's too early to actually announce them."

What would you like to tell students willing to join an organisation?

"I've always been an active student. While I was still in secondary school I used to be a part of the Students Council. During my time in Junior College I was a part of Kunsill Lokali Zghazagh in Mellieha. So it came without doubt that as soon as I stepped foot into university, I immediately signed up for MHSA before even seeing where my lectures will be held. Being an active student I believe helps better a person. It isn't the easiest thing to do. There will be times when the workload will feel overwhelming but being an active student teaches you so much more on a professional and personal level that no classroom will be able to teach. As I said it won't be easy, but when you take a step back and look at what you have achieved, the satisfaction is like no other. Being an active student has shaped me into the person I am today and I am proud to say that MHSA has been a part of that journey"

The newly elected Executive Board includes:

  • Kaitlyn Bryne - President
  • Naomi Attard - Secretary General
  • Justine Lanzon - Financial Officer
  • Joseph Xuereb - Public Relations Officer
  • Samuel Portelli - External Affairs Officer
  • Kurt Galea - Internal Affairs Officer
  • Naomi Sytske Bonnici - Health Officer
  • Nicola Kirkpatrick - Education Officer
  • Andrew Camilleri - Leisure Officer
  • Daniele Maniscalco - Social Policy Officer
  • Joey Sciortino - Executive Board Member
  • Edward De Gabriele - International Officer

MHSA would like to thank the outgoing executive for all their hard work and wish the incoming executive a fruitful year.