The Third Eye

A student has contacted The Third Eye expressing her concern on the promotion that the Kunsill Studenti Universitarji is giving to tomorrow's Annual General Meeting. 

"Why does KSU feel the need to charade its pomposity by sending a physical letter to each student reminding us of their AGM? I cannot help but wonder how much money was wasted on paper and postage for something that could have been easily done through an e-mail and/or various posts on Facebook. It’s safe to assume that the money spent could have been used better for something of more importance.

This is not to mention the environmental cost of wasting so much paper. If we, as university students, make such a fuss on how we’re shaping today and tomorrow’s society, how can we prove this if all we care about is our own reputation with little regard to what really matters? 

Let’s be honest: the majority of university students, it seems, are not concerned or bothered by student activism in the slightest. Apathy is perhaps the strongest quality running among university students. In turn, this is a fact student-activists relish in bringing up often, pointing out from their high horse how foolish this apathy is and how better they are for actively trying to better the student’s life at UoM.

However, when from my standpoint as a “common student” all I see is fellow colleagues simply in it to acquire fancy titles in various organisations with little regard to actual change and actual policies, I cannot help but be further repulsed by the idea of student activism."