The Third Eye

Countless times, we encounter St. Augustine's famous quote on travelling: "The World is a book and those who do not travel read only one page," and probably every time we remember that great feeling one gets when you land your feet somewhere new and breathe new air. Nothing beats that amazing feeling one gets when you can go back home and tick a particular City or Country from your bucketlist and wonder where you will visit next. 

However, everyone, especially students also know how much money you need ever single time you opt to travel. Sarah Farrugia, Shaun Azzopardi and Jean Claude Aber are University students who have come up with a solution for you to travel the world at the most affordable prices.

SaveandWave is a free website made by students promoting great destinations such as Scotland, Budapest and Vienna at the most affordable prices. However, what is great about it is that this website also promotes the Maltese Islands, with great deals for those who want to plan a summer trip to Malta or would like to come for Isle of MTV or the Earth Garden Festival.

The website is the perfect guide to help you know where great sports, music events and festivals are taking place around the world as well as from where you can book the cheapest flights and the most affordable accomodation for your stay. 

SaveandWave is truly an innovative way to make planning a trip easy for all those who are eager to explore the world but want to save money in doing so. This website has just been launched last night and Sarah Farrugia, Shaun Azzopardi and Jean Claude Aber have also created a Facebook Page which has already reached hundreds of likes. 

Shaun Azzopardi spoke to The Third Eye and stated that: "SaveandWave allows you to plan your own trip in no time. Our website is easy to use, finds you good deals and most of all its free!" 

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