The Third Eye

Students' Fest is undoubtedly one of the most highly anticipated times at University and on the day of the last performance, here are some confessions from the general cast of this year's edition of Students' Fest... Sai Mulan.

1.   When you feel like a sack of potatoes with the soldier kimono on 

…but then realise it’s actually ok because everyone else is in the same costume as you

2.   ‘Fight the Feeling’ giving us all the feels

… yes we have our own original song this year!

3.   #beefporkchicken

... u nieqfu hemm

4.   Grandma expressing our inner thoughts

5.   Nothing can compare to the sense of euphoria you feel when you shout the last haaaaaa in ‘Make a Man’! 

6.   The struggle of trying to pull a sexy face for ‘side to side’

7.   “Ghandek tape?”

Probably the most used phrase - Tape, scissors, and DIY skills were essential this year.

8.   The enchanting band video which makes us all tear up year after year

9.   The impeccable rendition of ‘Side to Side’ by the crew

10.   “Nizfnu u nibuzjaw u nibzajaw u nizfnu u ntuha” after every show