The Third Eye

April is fast approaching and while the temperatures are still relatively cool, the climate between Pulse and SDM appears to be constantly warming.

Yesterday evening, KSJC President Owen Michael Grech published a post on his personal Facebook profile, which contained a screen shot of an email allegedly received from an organiser of Zorb Football. The email contained that this organiser was reluctant to carry out future activities for KSJC after last year’s payment was “long overdue”.

Tonight, former KSJC President Keith Grima uploaded a recording with a person called ‘Darren’ who allegedly is the same person who sent the email on to Owen Micheal Gech. Daren told Keith Grima that the current KSJC President had called him a couple of days ago, during which according this person called Darren, Owen Michael Grech had no intention to make a booking for Zorb equipment. While confirming that the payment was received slightly late, Darren confirmed that as long as the payment had arrived he would not find the need to refuse a booking. At the end of the phone call, Grima also requsted an email of clarification to clear his name, before the phone call ended.