The Third Eye

The end of the compulsory education is known to be a critical stage for students. They have to make a very important decision which will potentially impact the rest of their lives. Last Friday, an open day was held at Junior College for prospective students and their parents to meet lecturers and subject coordinators and see the facilities and services offered at the college.

The annual event ‘Your Next Stop… Junior College’ brought the college to life with the ongoing activities being held. The flashmob in the college’s foyer was probably the highlight of the night where several talented students from the JC Theatre Group surprised the visitors by singing and dancing.

A meeting for the parents with the Principal was also held at the auditorium whilst subject coordinators and lecturers, as well as the guidance and counselling officers, were also present in order to discuss individual requirements and get first-hand information about subjects.

KSJC, the Students’ Council along with student political organisations SDM, Pulse and other organisations such as Chrisco, JC4Others and the Photography Club all had their own stands to give a taste of what life at Junior College feels like. The JAYE company ‘Metric’, Dr.Klown and Duke of Edinburgh continued with their attributions to give a lighter feel to the college.

Certainly, the College’s aims at providing quality education which is personalised, inclusive and holistic was successful as many people turned out for this highly awaited event.