The Third Eye

Following the recent developments in the Gozo Youth Council, SDM calls for better transparency within the structures of the administration of the GYC.

Last Friday, GYC held their Annual General Meeting in Gozo, during which progress was registered as serious steps were taken in order to update the Statute.

New motions were presented about reforming the way nominations are put forward and accepted. Also, a motion was related to how member organisations are accepted as full members. This means that as from the next General Meeting, the organisation must be approved by the Commissioner for Voluntary Organisation instead of just being a member of the Gozo NGO Association.

Apart from this, there are key concerning issues that the current administration of the GYC must answer to. We feel that there is a lack of transparency with regards to the nominations which were put forward and subsequently voted on. SDM stresses the importance of better representation for Gozitan youths through the structure of the Gozo Youth Council. To do so, the Council must act transparently by publishing all the documents which were requested by the Member Organisations.

On this issue, SDM would like to support GUG in its latest call directed towards the administration of the Gozo Youth Council to annul some of the nominations which were put forward during the AGM. We feel that the GYC should have acted in a more transparent manner in order to truly represent the Gozitan youth.

Furthermore, SDM calls on the GYC to issue the necessary documents to its members. During the AGM it was agreed that the minutes and the financial reports for both the Council and for recent projects managed by the Council were to be available to all Member Organisations which, up till this day, are still to be distributed as expected by right.

As the largest student organisation in Malta, SDM has been the voice of the Gozitan students at University and also for the past few years, it has represented students at MCAST Gozo and Sir M.A Refalo Sixth Form. Therefore, we feel that when it comes to such circumstances, it is duly our role to voice the concerns and act upon such issues for Gozitan students.