The Third Eye

A few minutes ago, Michael Piccinino, President of National Youth Council, posted an image of a retweet of Prime Minister Joseph Muscat's tweet showing approval of Vote 16. 

In fact, Dan Sabovitz's tweet shows that Joseph Muscat has told the CEPS think tank: "Better lower the voting age to 16." The debate and controversy on lowering the age of voting from 18 to 16 has been going on for quite some time.

However, not so long ago, all the youth's hardwork and ideas via National Youth Council was put forward through a motion by independent Member of Parliament Marlene Farrugia and Member of Parliament and Speaker for Youth on behalf of the Opposition, David Agius with the aim of implementing vote 16 in all elections, including the upcoming General elections. 

Michael Piccinino stated that if Joseph Muscat is really in favour of Vote 16, then there should be a vote on this motion without further ado.