The Third Eye

A few minutes ago, the National Youth Council published a letter on its Facebook Page which it sent to the Prime Minister of Malta, Hon. Joseph Muscat. 

The subject of this letter concerns the unleashing of the potential of Europe's Youth and is a product of the collaboration between the National Youth Council and the European Youth Forum. 

In this letter, both organisations representing Youth, explain how it is felt that youth are excluded from the decisions that are being taken, which also affect youth themselves whilst, stating that the only direction to move towards to, should be one whereby young people are inlcuded in the European Union's decisions. 

Both organisations involved, are of the belief that intiatives at the Member States level should be further developed. KNZ and YFJ call on the European Union and its Member States to invest further in quality education and quality jobs, to reduce financial, administrative and social barriers for youth who want to set up a business as well as guarantee sustainable funds for the Youth Employment Initiative in order to use it as a prevention from youth unemployment in the long run.

KNZ and YFJ insist on the importance of enhancing programmes for youth so as to create a bigger sense of belonging which in result, prevents youth from choosing to be populist, anti-democratic and xenophobic. 

The two organisations, emphasise on the need for youth to be included more in the policy-making process because they believe that building policy together is a contribution towards real change in society. KNZ and YFJ invite the Hon. Joseph Muscat, to meet and collaborate on these issues in order to jointly achieve the progress and opportunities young people and future generations deserve.

The National Youth Council and the European Youth Forum, clearly state that 'Youth is not just an agenda item. Young people are not a problem: nothing about us without us. The only way to regain trust of young people is by involving us in all the discussions and decisions that affect us."