The Third Eye

For the fourth consecutive year, Studenti Demokristjani Maltin (SDM) has launched Project 7000. The philanthropic project was launched today at G. F. Abela Junior College with the aim of encouraging students to contribute towards the project’s main goal. On a Facebook Note posted earlier today, SDM stated that ‘[w]e believe that it is our duty to use our resources to help those in need.’

As Gabriel Micallef, SDM Vice-President, told The Third Eye, this project was initially a student’s idea. The student recognised the potential use of social media in order for the student organisation to raise funds. In the first year €2,000 were collected. Having noted this success, SDM launched Project 7000 the following year.

This year the project will not be focusing solely on the monetary aspect, but will also address voluntary action. Micallef explained that, as an organisation, SDM would like to encourage students to embark on an active role within volunteering by means of this project. This will serve as a means of instilling within the present generation the importance of voluntary work and heeding to society’s needs. This, Micallef concluded, will leave a positive impact on the future of our country.

The President of Malta endorsed the project by SDM this year as the money collected will be going directly to Malta Community Chest Fund.