The Third Eye

Being a fresher is already a very exciting adventure in itself, at least until all the stress kicks in and all the work starts piling up! If you are a Fresher, rest assured that a lot of fun and socialising events await you.

Here on Campus, there is never a dull moment, especially with all the events our student organisations have planned for Freshers. Take a look at the top events which are round the corner, and get ready to make new friends and great memories!

1. ELSA vs SACES Waterfight

This water fight has become a yearly appointment on Campus, and with it comes all the enthusiasm and competitiveness between Malta's future lawyers and architects. Be a witness yourself on Wednesday 5th October and form your own judgement on who is best; ELSA or SACES?

2. Frisk

Frisk is the official Freshers' week party organised through collaboration of various student organisations. This year, Frisk is back with a bang, featuring International DJ DAVID ZOWIE with his smash hit "House Every Weekend".

3. KSU International Students Welcome Party

If you are an International Student, KSU also thought of organising a party just for you. Join the fun to meet local students and create new friendships.

4. MMSA vs MHSA tug of war

The famous tug of war returns! MMSA and MHSA compete against each other in this fun and team exercise with a little action. May the stronger team win!

5. KSU Pepsi Kampus Fest

This is one of the most anticipated events on Campus, with the participation of local talent such as Red Electrick and Ziggy, as well as the five students chosen to perform in front of the energetic and supportive audience that will also serve as the 5th judge of the festival. Kampus fest is the perfect mix of fun, good music and socialising.

6. Xkumat Buscade

If you want to pre-party in style, then the Xkumat Buscade is the ideal type of event for you. It all begins with an adventurous, cool trip from University, all the way around the island, with the final stop being a huge party in Gianpula.

7. Post Water fight Kazinata

Thankfully, the fun at University never stops so much so that it is probably what makes all the stressful times bearable! Just in case you aren’t soaked enough post the water fight, get ready for champagne showers at the Kazinata by SACES.

8. SACES Review

Finally, if you are a student of the Faculty of the Built Environment, SACES is offering you the opportunity to volunteer and be part of a review showcasing students' work over the years. This is not only an opportunity to get to know your colleagues better, but also a chance to help those in need, as all the proceeds of this review, will be in aid of Istrina 2016.