The Third Eye

At some point in time we've all been nostalgic for carefree days at school, but for those of us who got to school by van each morning, missing school also means missing the great time we had on our way to school and back home! There are many things that only kids who used this type of transport would understand, and here are just a few of them:


1.         Being picked up too early!

Being picked up at 6am on a cold winter morning, when school wouldn’t start start before 8am. This meant arriving an hour early to school and hanging out with friends without any teacher supervision.



2.         Arriving Late

On the other hand, there were drivers who came so late that some students would arrive in the middle of the first lesson every day.


3.         ‘Ha nnizzilkom hawn’

At some point or another we all heard our driver say this, after students’ constant shouting and bugging the driver throughout all of the trip.


4.         Stopping for pastizzi

This was obviously not allowed, but who can resist pastizzi? The Head of School would make a whole fuss, complaining that students were out of school in uniform. (It was totally worth it).


5.         Fighting for the back seat

Admit it, if you were one of those kids who ‘owned’ the back seat, you were a human legend in that van. You felt so cool! A whole fight was on when someone dared to take your place.


6.         Bugging pedestrians

Even if you were in secondary school, bugging pedestrians was a must! Shouting, passing comments and waving to everyone passing by was the general rule of conduct.


7.         Mocking teachers

We all had that common teacher that we all used to hate. The van was the perfect place to mock them with school mates, without any teacher hearing you and telling you off.


8.         Shouting your heart out to your favourite song

‘Oghllilha drive!’ – As soon as your jam came on, your group would sing along loudly and make sure everyone passing by was hearing.


9.         What happens on the school van, stays on the school van!

The golden rule. You were not considered part of ‘the group’ if you blabbed about everything you heard on the van with your other ‘non-van’ friends.


Come on, we all miss these things!