The Third Eye

I guess we have all been to the University library at one point or another, but what exactly do people go there for? Do they really make use of the library to get work done and to study? Or is it just another warm hanging-out place? These are 7 types of people who hang around the library.

1. The Socially Awkward

No intended offence, but we all know one person who has no friends and spends all of their free lessons in the library, most probably in the quiet area upstairs.Let's face it though, they will probably be more successful than most of us reading this today who spend most of our frees in Quad wasting our precious time.

2. The Procrastinators

Those who go to the library with the hope of getting some work done, but instead take a cigarette break every ten minutes, a trip to the canteen every 15 minutes, and leave a reserved computer, reserved chair and a reserved part of a table. Thanks for wasting our space for nothing.

3. The Sociables

Those people who go to the library just to blab and ruin the peace and quiet for everyone. They go through the Facebook News Feed and gossip loudly about other students. They take plenty of selfies to show everyone on Snapchat where and with whom they are, but we all know that they are not getting any work done. 

4. The Panicked Type

We all agree that during exam period the library is like the gym right after Christmas. Yes, you got it, it's only full during exam month. Panicked students are the ones you only find at the library a day before an exam, panicking and stating that they don't know anything and that they should have started studying way before.

5. The in-need-of-a-girlfriend/boyfriend Type

What is more attractive than intelligence? Yep, they actually go to the library to look at potential partners and get to know their name by passing from behind them and 'accidentally' seeing their Facebook name on the screen. Or maybe resort to the famous pick-up line, "ghandek gomma please?" That's a good way to start a conversation without sounding needy or flirty, no?

6. The Wanna-Be-University-Students

I never really got why these students are at the library. I mean, all schools have libraries, why would you drive all the way (or catch a bus) to University just to study for your O levels? These students normally take plenty of photos to show everyone, captioning them "UOM, Roadtouni, stuDYING"

7. Let's call these 'Normal'...

And finally, those people who make actually good use of the library in a moderate way. Those who go to the library every once in a while, throughout the year (not only during exam period) and get some work done in a proper way, without bugging anyone and without telling the whole world where they are and what they are doing.