The Third Eye

Following this week’s comments made by Malta’s Prime Minister about the KSU (Kunsill Studenti Universitarji) elections, there has been a divide amongst the student body that normally culminates in the run up to these blessed annual elections.

In a bid to overcome this bipolar conflict, The Third Eye has decided to put together a list of seven things that SDM (Studenti Demokristjani Maltin) in KSU have either been involved in or managed to introduce or do in recent years (albeit in a tongue in cheek fashion).

1. The Common Room Night Time Study Area 


Perfect over-time opportunity for Pizza for You deliverymen.

2. The installation of Students’ House Condom Machines.


This one goes hand in hand with the night time study area.

3. Casting this cutie for the role of ‘Pumba’ in the ‘Lion KinK’ Students’ Fest


An obvious pick.

4. Selecting as a candidate and successfully electing this beaut in KSU for three consecutive years!


Isn’t she sweet?

5. Introducing a carpooling system at University.


Possibly a very revolutionary idea.

6. Managing to make a man vanish for an entire year.


He has only resurfaced a few weeks ago.

7. Hiding the identity of whoever wears the iconic KSU ‘Owlsuit’.


Don’t we all have a secret desire to wear it one day?

Whilst we understand this is a serious matter, we hope that we have managed to put a smile on your faces, whichever side of the story you support. At the end of the day, everyone is on the same page and wants the best for all students.

Have a great weekend!



Students' Fest Photo Credits: Albert Camilleri