The Third Eye

The NSTF Mini European Assembly (MEA) is a platform whereby students form teams to represent European Countries to simulate the European Parliament through debates on European Affairs.

The Third Eye got in touch with the delegates from the Czech Republic Team asking them share some details about their experience. The Czech Republic team are this year's MEA winners, under the guidance of their Advisor Charles Mercieca, and will be travelling on a fully funded prize tour to visit the European Institutions this summer. 

Maria Ellul


This being my first experience taking part in the Mini European Assembly, I did not know what to expect. Now that’s it’s over, I can say that this experience has been very fruitful all throughout. Not only did we get to increase our knowledge on various EU issues and increase our debating skills, but it also left me with new friendships. Winning MEA was something we always wished and aspired to do however never imagined it would actually happen. All in all, this is an experience I would definitely recommend to all!

Jessica Napier


Winning this year’s edition of NSTF’s Mini-European Assembly is surreal. Through countless hours of work and dedication, our team strived and fought for this placing, always keeping in mind the topic at hand. I strongly encourage everyone interested in debating about current issues to sign up for such an experience as it is guaranteed to be advantageous and beneficial.

Jacqueline Grech Licari


The NSTF Mini European Assembly is a golden opportunity for anyone willing to challenge themselves and improve on their public speaking, debating and teamwork skills.  This MEA season (2015-2016) was the second time I took part in this simulation of the European Parliament, so I was no stranger to the level of commitment required to participate in the committee meetings and plenary sessions that constitute this competition.  Representing the Czech Republic with an entirely different team proved to be both enjoyable and challenging as I had to compete against my former team mates.  However, all in all, it has been a privilege and an honour to participate and win this competition for yet another time alongside my new team, and it has let me grow in ways that academic learning alone does not allow us to.

Gabriel Mamo Drury


After my first experience in sixth form, I was determined to re-enter MEA in my first year of University. Throughout these 7 months, I improved my speech-giving and debating skills and found a new confidence in how I presented myself. Cooperating with all the other competitors served as a great means of meeting and working with new people, and representing a country such as the Czech Republic helped me in becoming more well informed overall. The MEA provides an engaging and dynamic experience and encourages teamwork and hard work. I would definitely encourage all sixth form and first year University students to take part in future competitions as the experience is unforgettable.

Bexy Attard Trevisan


The Mini European Assembly, I found, was a very enlightening experience. Through it, I learnt how to improve my debating and speech-giving skills as well as becoming more informed, meeting new people and having the pleasure of being part of an amazing team. We all worked hard and pulled our own weight and, as a team, we worked very well together. It was a phenomenal experience which I would not have traded for anything! I would definitely encourage sixth form and first year University students to partake in future MEAs because it has been a formidable journey!

Charles Mercieca


This year’s edition of MEA was like no other. The year started by seeing an increase in the convention team limit of 5 to 7 team members. This posed new challenges and obstacles which were thankfully all overcome trough a strong team mentality and sheer determination to see the challenge to the end. From Resolutions, to speeches to spontaneous amendments, this year’s MEA was definitely a learning curve. The Team showed consistency and a knack for European debate that ultimately led them to a deserved victory.

The experience is definitely one to be recommended and taken up by any avid debater or anyone who likes to be one. Students participating range from Science students to Law students. And MEA has treated them all with great memories and experiences.