The Third Eye

Social media is becoming an increasingly large part of our life and at times it feels like social media is taking the place of face-to-face interaction. Staying up to date on several forms of social media has now become part of our daily routine. 

It seems that we can never get tired of scrolling on our newsfeed ...

Social media platforms, like Facebook, have become a convenient way of staying in touch with friends and sharing what is going on in your life.  However, they are also an easy way of getting distracted during a lecture or at work. It seems that we can never get tired of scrolling on our newsfeed because there is always something new, people to stalk and posts to comment on. Having said that, we find it so easy to comment on random posts but we’ll think twice to write something on a tangible board, like the one below.



We have become so captivated by social media that we have almost forgotten how to interact and communicate with each other in real life, because we’d rather speak in a group chat. Evidently, we all use social media on a daily basis, but one must realise that sometimes you just need to log off and interact with the real world, even just by simply looking around.

This is what Log Off is trying to imply. Log Off is a University based project with an aim of creating more awareness about the importance of socialising offline.


Log Off placed a blackboard in places like the Upper Barrakka, Junior College and on University campus so that people could interact with each other next to a blackboard. This also captured the attention of passers-by who, out of coursity, looked up the project on their phone to read what’s on the board.

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