The Third Eye

The Junior Chamber of Advocates is still a relatively young organisation, especially when compared to some of the older organisations on campus.  Yet in a relatively short span of time the organisation has managed to set itself apart from other law organisations offering students practical experiences which help them to put their education into practice, hence their logo Bridging the Gap.  

To date the JCA has organsied several successful seminars on tackling various issues which young lawyers face as well as the first ever moot court involving both a Criminal and a Civil case based on the same set of facts which was held at the Courts of Malta and presided over by sitting judges.

Next week, on Friday 22nd April 2016 the outgoing Executive of the Junior Chamber of Advocates will present their final report to members during the Annual General Meeting to be held at the Courts of Malta.  This will be followed by elections for the Executive Board 2016/17.

Early voting will take place on Wednesday the 20th April 2016 at the University of Malta.  Members wishing to vote in the early voting session will need to register with the electoral commission, composed of Warren Ciantar, Matthew Cassar and Miguel Cassar, or via the Junior Chamber of advocates page:

Nominations were open up until last Friday 8th April and only persons who became members on or before such date will be eligible to vote.

The 9 candidates for the upcoming election are:

Lisa Camilleri - Current Student Outreach Officer

Roberta Carabott

Paul Caruana Turner - Current Public Relations Officer

Damian Cassar

Gabriella Chirchop

Nicholas de Gaetano

Charlene Gauci

Rebecca Mercieca - Current LLB Observer

Mariah Mula


The Third Eye wishes the best of luck to all contesting candidates.