The Third Eye

This afternoon, during the Kunsill Studenti Universitarji (KSU)’s Annual General Meeting (AGM), a new voting right was proposed and approved.

The voting right was proposed following a successful meeting between Pulse and Studenti Demokristjani Maltin (SDM)’s executive members. This meeting took place last Monday, the 11th of April 2016.

The motion that was agreed upon by both Pulse and SDM suggests that full-time and part-time students studying at the University of Malta can make an appeal in the form of open-ended or close-ended questions. This appeal is to be addressed to the KSU’s Education Commissioner (KE) if it pertains to education and to the KSU’s Social Policy Commissioner (KPS) if it is with regard to social policy.

Pulse President Comments

Pulse’s President, Wayne Sammut, explained that he is delighted about the fact that Pulse initiated discussions on this proposal and that SDM were onboard.

“Consensus was reached between us and we hope that consensus can also be reached in other terms in the near future,” explained Sammut.

“This initiative has eased the students’ right to voice their motion or issue, and now all at university students have the right to vote though a specified voting system.”

“Time will also be given to students to campaign on their belief. This is what modern student politics is all about. Mature on social policy. This is just the beginning of what we aim to tackle in the coming months,” concluded Sammut.

SDM President Comments

SDM President, Ian Zahra, also expressed his content at the fact that Pulse and SDM collaborated together on such an issue, which in Zahra’s words ”strengthens KSU’s role”.