The Third Eye

It’s 2016 and Gozo is in dire need for a fresh influx of opportunities for the current and future generations to come. It’s a well known fact that the majority of graduates whom are the heart and future of Malta’s sister island look elsewhere for a career not by choice, but it’s because it’s the only option available. It’s of common interest to have each and every possible obstacle that is holding foreign investment back in Gozo to be challenged – so that opportunities are distributed between different regions on our islands. 


So what are the obstacles that foreign investment is facing? One of the primary setbacks is having just one fiber optic cable between Malta and Gozo. Put yourself in the shoes of a medium size business that employs 50 having foreign clientele as it’s primary source of income. Having to halt or degrade business as usual due to a disaster affecting the state of the only fiber optic cable between the islands is a possibility and a high risk to the wellbeing of the business.


This was the subject of a very productive meeting held with the respected Dr Alfred Sant, to enlighten on the possibility of applying for EU funds for the setting up of the crucial second fiber optic cable. Sant explained that this is highly possible, however it’s the government that needs to apply for the funds. It’s to all our interest that this is prioritized and not swept under the carpet.