The Third Eye

Terra Di Mezzo (TDM) 2000 Malta elected its new executive committee during their Annual General Meeting (AGM) held yesterday, Thursday the 27th of August at the KSU common room. The AGM was chaired by Dr Justin Fenech.

It has been confirmed that the newly elected members of the TDM 2000 Malta executive commitee are the following:

  • The President: Duncan Muscat
  • The Vice-President: Owen Bonello
  • The Secretary: Beky Tabone
  • The Treasurer: Manuela Attard
  • The Public Relations Officer: Danika Formosa
  • The Activities Officer: Maria Muscat
  • The Activities Coordinator: Matthew Carbonaro
  • The International Secretary: Dayle Meilak
  • The International Officer: Tyler Cassar
  • TDM HANDS ON! Coordinator: Matthew Carbonaro
  • Social Policy Officer: Chiara Scerri Herrera

When asked for comments by the Third Eye, the organisation\'s new Public Relations Officer, Danika Formosa confirmed that \"[t]he newly elected Executive Committee is looking forward to the upcoming year and to continue the good work of the previous Executive\". 

The Third Eye would like to congratulate the new team, whilst wishing TDM 2000 Malta the best of luck on its future endeavors.