The Third Eye

Being an Instagram user myself, the most recurring posts I come across are either mouth-watering photos of delicious food that instantly open up my appetite, or pictures of spectacular scenery that remind me of how much there is to appreciate out there. Another post that is especially famous during the summer season is the well-known ‘Sausages vs. Tanned Legs’ photos. However, Toms, a footwear and eyewear company based in California, is now encouraging you to take an alternative picture from all these mentioned above, as a celebration of their 9th birthday - a picture of your bare feet.

This initiative, which may initially sound absurd, is actually organised so that for every picture taken and tagged with ‘?#withoutshoes’, Toms will donate a new pair of their signature slip-on shoes to children in need. This generous activity is open for 16 days – from May 5th until May 21st- and it strives to raise awareness of children’s health and education. Incredibly enough, the Internet never ceases to amaze us, as on the first day of the initiative, the hashtag had more than 14,000 posts.

Another interesting fact is that apart from this, when Toms sells a pair of eyewear, part of the profit is actually aimed towards safeguarding the eyesight of people in developing countries.

All in all, I encourage all you readers to grab your phones and take that picture which will result in a smile on child’s face (and well, the possibility of gaining new followers on Instagram). So, what are you waiting for?