The Third Eye

Fortunately for us living on the Maltese Islands, the end of summer can mean more than just another night out at the clubs getting drunk before lectures resume. Moreover, not going to the clubs means actually being able to have a decent conversation without having to strain your voice and talking without having to compete with the speakers.

1.   Watersports

From kayaking to parakiting, watersports offers a bit of fun for everyone. For those looking for a rush of adrenaline, try parakiting or jetskiing. Although these activities can be done solo, they’re probably much more fun with a friend. Think of it: hanging from a parakite, screaming with excitement and trying to speak to your bestfriend who is holding on to the same parakite in front of you or behind you.

In addition to the thrill of the adventure, Golden Bay provides spectacular views to be enjoyed either from high up in a parakite or simply in a kayake or a paddle boat.

2.   Diving

The Maltese islands boast themselves as an excellent diving location. What better way to close off summer by booking a dive at one of the local diving centres and exploring territory below water? The clear Maltese waters create an ultimate experience for beginners as well as for experienced divers. Moreover, the risk of encountering dangerous fish is considered to be quite low. The Maltese waters offer an abundance of caves, wrecks and reefs all waiting to be discovered.

3.   Spa

Grab your girlfriends and book yourself a spa day. Unwinding before all the University mayhem is a perfect way to treat yourself and catch up on sober girl time. You’ll never know how much you love a spa until someone is calming your body and making your mind go absolutely blank. Your skin will be glowing and feeling fresh by the time you’re ready.

4.   BBQ /Camping

The outdoor lovers should certainly indulge. Kiss in the spectacular sunsets, sleep under the stars and wake up early to the tranquillity of sunrise. The night wouldn’t be complete without a sizzling BBQ and a bottle of wine to compliment the evening. Don’t forget to bring along stories describing your most embarrassing and awkward moments or some juicy gossip.

5.   Scrapbook

These become handy during times when the going gets tough. Collecting pictures and memories from summer into a scrapbook can serve as a quick reminder during the tough days of assignments and studying that there is a bright light at the end of the tunnel – SUMMER!