The Third Eye

With University just round the corner, students are preparing themselves for another year on campus. A typical student spends a lot of time surrounded by piles of books with the only form of exercise being walking to and from the car park.  This means that a majority of students are not carrying out sufficient exercise and are opting for a sedentary lifestyle.  

Exercise is extremely important for every age group.  One should aim to work out at least thirty minutes a day at moderate intensity for five days a week. This helps to increase cardiovascular fitness as well as help in stress and anxiety management and concentration whilst increasing learning abilities.  Exercise itself releases chemicals known as endorphins, the ‘feel good hormone’, which basically decreases depression whilst suppressing your appetite.

Physical activity also helps to prevent and reduce the risk of non-communicable diseases such as Diabetes, hypertension, various forms of cancer and obesity. Another benefit is that physical activity boosts energy as it enables more oxygen and nutrients to be delivered to our cardiovascular system, enabling it to work more efficiently.

Whilst waking up early to go the gym may seem very daunting, you will realize that exercising will actually help you sleep better. Finding a slot in your busy schedule is the key. Whether it’s early in the morning, between lectures or right after university, a work out regime helps boost your morale and confidence.

An active person should aim to combine exercise together with a balanced diet and plenty of hydration and rest. One should carry out an activity that is enjoyed by the individual. Whilst some may consider going to the gym as being boring, one can opt for other sports and activities such as swimming, zumba, yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi and many more.  If you are not the ‘sporty’ type of person you can always opt to walk or bike instead of using your car.

Even though eating a slice of pizza from the canteen may seem to be more fulfilling during your day, it won’t be satisfying in the long run. So put on your training gear, buckle up your trainers, head for a run and never look back.