The Third Eye

Dear Homophobes,

I’m pretty sure you don’t like being called that, huh? Well, how do you think we feel, being called names like ‘faggot’, ‘dyke’ and ‘poof’? Not so hot now, are we?

My main question to you, as I write this, is ‘Why?’ Why are you so mean to us? What did we ever do to you by liking someone of the same sex, by not bothering you in the slightest, by rejecting your advances because, honestly, you’re not even that attractive? What did we ever do to you by living our own life? Why feel the need to shove your opinion down our throat yelling “You’re disgusting!” at us?

In our defence, if the only thing that you think is disgusting about us is that we have sex the way we do, then we have news for you – we think the way you have sex is pretty f***ing disgusting.

Why the hate? Why not just live and let live? Let our lives go on and let us be happy in our little bubble made of rainbows and glitter and the occasional unicorn! We like it in here, we’re happy here. And then you ruin it with your terrible attitudes. It’s not like we asked you to be gay too – we don’t want you to do something you’re not comfortable doing.

Hey, does that sound familiar? All you people telling us ‘Just stop being gay’. Joke of the Century! You try turning off your feelings for an hour or two, see how well you fare.

Oh, and by the way, we do feel the need to express ourselves, yeah. I do feel the need to come out to people (it’s hard enough as it is keeping it a secret for so long, and I’ll be damned if somebody is going to put rules on the one thing that I can say proudly about myself). I do feel the need to chat people up in front of you (I’ve seen you do it to girls – at least I have way more tact than you ever will). I do feel the need to ‘be gay’ around you – I’ve spent years pretending to be something I’m not and now I’m happy with my place in life.

Quite honestly, dear, delusional little homophobes, you are simultaneously the least of our worries, and the reason things can be so bad for us. We don’t care about you and your opinions; they won’t change who we are, what we do, who we fall in love with. But then you go and take away our rights, demonize us, make us seem like the bad guys, rape us and kill us. You go and do something stupid like that, and you’ve automatically become Enemy Number One.

Really, can’t you just learn to let well enough alone? We’ve never bothered you with our lives, I’ve never heard of a single queer who tries to ‘convert’ a homophobe or tell them that the way they live is wrong. Why not return the favour to us.


A very pissed off queer