The Third Eye

Summer, what a lovely time of year huh? Something students look forward to from day one of the new scholastic year. We think of beaches and parties and hooking up with random people, the works. In our mind of minds the summer holidays are the epiphany of relaxation.

Looking back on the pre-sixteen years, relaxation was the only thing we would think about in the summer. Being as far away from schoolwork, and anything related to it, as possible.

However, when it comes to a time when you are legally allowed to work, that totally changes upside-down and inside-out. The only thing on our mind is to work work work so maybe we won't have to depend on mummy and daddy for spending money. Summer turns from being relaxing to working your butt off. It's right then when you taste the bitter-sweet taste of reality. And it's bitter-sweet for the simple reason that even though you are spending most of your days at your work place, gaining that independence of earning your own money, so it's yours to spend how you want it, when you want to...till the time comes when you want to start saving up for that car, holiday or even a scholarship abroad. Knowing the demand for money has increased, you end up wanting to work more and more just to satisfy your demand (well, at least for those of us who aren't born with a silver spoon in our mouth, with mumzie and papa still paying for your every whim).

Summer turns into an even bigger bore once you can’t find a job. Why? Well, no job = no money, and no money means? Well I’m not gonna spell it out for you, cause I believe you know how to do the math.

Times change. We can no longer act childish. It’s time most of us woke up and smelled the coffee. We can no longer go out partying every night getting drop dead drunk. We need to find a balance between our social life and our professional life. Enjoy the summer holidays as much as you can, but act your age.  Go out and have fun and have something to speak to your grandchildren about when they come and visit you when you are old, but don’t let a moments pleasure ruin tomorrow.

Till next time, get those BBQs going, dig out those swim suits and work your bottom off.