The Third Eye

It’s Saturday night. Your friends have told you they’d pick you up at 9:30pm sharp. It’s 9:15pm and you cannot find your favourite mascara or shade of lipstick. That is when we all wished for things to magically appear in front of us at the pronunciation of abra-cadabra. Sadly, we’re still a tad far from having things appearing in front of us magically. Yet we can print out make up. No, not pictures of makeup girls (or boys, no discrimination!); I mean we can print out the real thing. Imagine all those shades of eye shadows, powders and blushers – you will become best friends with the printer.

Mink is the name of this beauty, an invention of Grace Choi who came up with the idea while at Harvard Business School. But how does Mink work? How is it possible to print real make up? Basically all you have to do is choose a colour from anywhere you’d like (videos, photos of yourself, websites...anywhere) and drop the hexcode of the colour into Photoshop or even paint and fill a canvas with this colour. After that this is done all you have to do is hit print and wait for the magic to happen. Minx will mix up a fresh batch of makeup just for you.

We are no longer restricted to a limited colour palette and we can stop dreading going to the makeup store and trying on endless shades of eye shadows. You can know print and wear any colour you’d like, even if you want an eye shadow the colour of a pineapple, take a picture of it and turn it into makeup. Your phone, camera or laptop will become your new beauty isle.

Mink obviously will not come at 10 euros. Choi is expected to launch Mink at $300, which is the equivalent of 218 euro. Also, Choi expects pigments and substrates to be relatively cheap, even though she did not mention a price. Mink as yet is able to print only powder based makeup but Choi plans to expand its capabilities.

So, this is a call for all the makeup lovers out there, if you plan on investing on this printer I’d suggest you’d also plan on extending your house to have one more storage room. After all, heaven can really be a place on Earth.

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