The Third Eye

Setting Up

Three students, from different faculties, disheartened by formal education and the restrictions that this imposes, came together with one aim; that of creating a platform for expressive creativity. After much work, including the formation of a dynamic team composed of students with an array of interests, and varying skills, launching the organisation was next on the agenda.

Selecting a Name

The organisation strives to present a new perspective and voice the controversial and authentic thoughts of students. Furthermore, it aims at bringing many manners that are deemed as trivial, and seldom given much importance, to light. Additionally, it shows support to local talent and fledgling ambitious students.

The founders sought a name that would reflect all of these aspects, finding that ‘The Third Eye’ would fulfil this. It stems from the notion that there is an additional point of view, far from the conventional way of thinking, and that mistakenly encouraged by some educators.

Fostering Relationships

The organisation is centred on reader engagement and fostering a unique connection with the audience. It strives to present news in an innovative manner that counters the customary bland presentation. It also seeks to stimulate students to take interest in current affairs, campus life, and aspects pertaining to their everyday life.

Living the Philosophy

The Third Eye believes that while the younger generation might not have much experience, it is rich in other aspects, including creativity and innovation. The organisation’s work and website serve to confirm this.

The Third Eye’s team would like to thank you for visiting our website, showing support, and contributing to the fulfilment of our aspirations!